We collect the following information:

  • Email addresses, contact information and sometimes financial information.
  • Computer sign-in data, page visit statistics.
  • Other information, including the user’s IP address.

We use user’s personal information because:

  1. We want to provide our services Such as collecting fees and solving problems.
  2. To encourage safe trade and apply our policies.
  3. To measure interest in our services.
  4. To improve our services and inform users about the service.
  5. Communicate marketing and promotional offers to your liking.
  6. When we collect information, do other things for users as described.


If you do not want to receive marketing communications from us, simply provide your choice by following the instructions provided by the contact. You may not use our Site in violation of our Privacy Policy. We may scan and manually filter email messages sent through our communication tools for prohibited content. If you use our tools to transmit content to your friends, we will not permanently store your friend’s addresses or use or publish them for marketing purposes.


We use certain tools (passwords, physical security) to protect your personal information.

The Personal Details service will exclude personal information that you do not wish to publish.

It is not acceptable to publish the contact information of others through the Service.

If you violate your country’s laws or terms of use of the Services, you will seize your privacy rights on your personal information.

Our Customer Support e-mail: support@binimoykori.com

If you would like to remove your information from our database at any time, please contact us at support@binimoykori.com. You will also be able to unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our email contact.