If you want to purchase a used laptop but you know nothing then you can read it very carefully to buy a beautiful laptop for the best. There are so many people who wouldn’t buy used devices. But used doesn’t mean that “bad” or “broken”. Usually, people sell their gadgets when they want to search or want to purchase a new version. It can be a very good opportunity to become the owner of an expensive device without spending a lot of money. You don’t need to worry or think before buying a used laptop just you should check something before buy. Here we giving you some tips about buying a used laptop.


Steps for Buying Used Laptop


  •  Processor (CPU): The Processor (CPU) is one of the main parts of a pc or laptop system that maintains the speed in processing all over the kind of particular system. CPU AMD and Intel are two brands where the maximum latest laptop comes with this. Intel is much better however both give us a good performance. Also, Intel-based laptops are expensive AMD based laptops. Intel is more advanced. A powerful processor will let you do use your laptop very smoothly. Now, if you want to purchase any used laptop with very high processing speed you need to purchase Intel Core i7 series.




  • RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) is information or memory storage. That usually used the programs to store running data. These days, we want a minimum of 8GB RAM. Heat, poor power supply, cheap motherboards can cause RAM to fail. Also, try testing each memory slot because sometimes slots problem can be failed RAM. RAM failure creates some signs like laptop take random reboot, computer beep, files corrupted, missing Ram, etc. If you want to do gaming, video editing, graphics designing, then your laptop needs more than 4GB RAM. It will run your laptop very smoothly.



  • Hard Disk Drive: A Hard disk is one of the most important parts and it is a secondary storage device of a computer that is used to store files, data, video, audio, docs, software, images and other files. Most of the maximum low prized laptop often comes with a hard drive disk of 320GB. Through replacing it with another single or double range hard disk drive you will increase your hard disk storage space. Also, replace it with 500GB or 1TB hard disk. It will depend on your choice and budget. Also, you can use SSD (Solid-State Drive). SSD is expensive more than HDD. Higher range laptop comes with Solid-State Drive.

Hard Drive


  • Battery life: A laptop battery for the last two or 4 years at least. A laptop with a poor battery will interrupt you in your work. The maximum low budget laptop comes with 6 cell batteries. When you buying a used laptop to make sure that battery is well. The battery is a very important part. A six-cell battery laptop at least will give you a minimum four hours backup. You can ask also for a replacement. If you are still worried about battery then don’t make a hurry, take time and find the best one for you. Some variables that affect battery life-like screen brightness, resolution, running background applications, Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices, etc.



  •  Screen Size: It is also a great matter to think about what kind of display and size you want for your laptop. If you want to watch movies, play video games, you can buy a laptop type of screen which is 17 inches bigger. If you want to do casual work, then you should choose a small laptop sort of a computer. Also, a small laptop is easy to carry with a business person. HD screen lets you watch a movie with HD resolution. On the other side anti-glare for anti-reflection. If you want to buy a touch screen laptop you can buy in the budget range.


  •  Keyboard: When we use a laptop or computer for doing anything our first work is typing. Yes, in every work we need to type. So, we can say the keyboard is a very important part of a laptop. One of the most important things you should check before buying a laptop is that the visibility of the letters clearly in the keyboard. Or else, it will interrupt you very badly. Broken, missing, and keys hard to press will put you into big trouble.



  •  Inputs & Ports: Before buying a used laptop you should check, USB connection, headphone jacks, power cord. Several main ports include USB Type-C, Thunderbolt 3, Headset, HDMI, etc.


  • Camera: Camera is also one of the most significant features. So when you go to the shop pick the apps running the laptop and check their operation. If you want to make a video call. Overall all we need video calls for any purpose.


  •  Brand: Brand of a laptop matter a lot for us. You should check good and well brands. Some of them are Dell, HP, Apple, Lenovo, Asus, Microsoft, etc. Before buying a laptop you should check on the internet.


  • Warranty: Warranty is also an important part after buying a laptop. Many companies provide a good extended warranty offer. HP is known for its best after service and also warranty offer. Besides, you should check if there have any available centers for services. Don’t forget to take the proper documents. In the case of used laptops, you may not get the warranty.


  • Budget: You can buy a better laptop if you put more cash. But first, you need to make a budget to buy a laptop. The price of your laptop will rely on RAM, Processor, Brand, Style, etc. If you want a better laptop it is up to you that increase the budget and buy the best one or just buy low features laptop. Some other parts like Bluetooth, WebCam, Wi-Fi you should check before buying a laptop.


Finality (think before buying the best laptop):

Thinking to buy a second-hand laptop is confused but it is not any bad idea or so hard. If you can follow some instructions, know some important  information before buying them then you can easily buy any brand’s laptop. Try to increase your budget if you want good features on your laptop. Hope this information will help you. Have a happy buying.